5 signs that shows you need a home remodel

Everyone loves a beautiful and comfortable home, but a great house won't stay shiny and in tip-top shape forever.  This is perfectly normal and exactly why every homeowner should consider a home remodeling every 10 years, or even sooner if it's really needed.  Whether you are tired with your old house or want to increase the comfort and functionality of your home through improvement projects, a successful home remodeling can renew your interest while adding value and improving the marketability of your house at the same time.  

A lot of homeowners consider home remodeling for years, but never take action due to financial reasons.  Or, in many cases, they do not start a home renovation project because they don't realize that they need one.  If you're thinking about a home remodel but still aren't quite sure if you should get started, this article may help you make a decision.

1. You're embarrassed to invite your new friends over

You might tell yourself: "My friends don't really care," but if you have had this thought in your head for even one second, this might be one the most obvious signs that shows your house really is in need of home remodel.  If you feel ashamed or embarrassed to let people see the house you live, there may be some issues that need attention in your home.

If you don't want to feel embarrassed of your house anymore, a makeover for your house can go a long way in making your home a better living space.  Change up your outdated furniture, install new countertops and light fixtures, and repaint the walls.  Replace that hideous wallpaper and dirty old carpet.  Making your home delightful and refreshing again can be a fun and rewarding process!  Your friends probably won't say anything if you don't (at least if they're good friends), but feeling more comfortable and content in where you spend your life is important.

2. Your home feels too crowded and inefficient

Your house was fine and even perfect, before you had 3 children.  Your family has already outgrown your home and you often have the feeling that your house is always a mess, full of stuff, and very unorganized.

Before you start house hunting for a bigger house in the local market, consider first expanding your current home.  If knocking down a few walls to create more livable space and add an extra bedroom or storage can help accommodate your growing family and all the while cost you less than buying a new house, why not opt for a home remodel instead of buying a new house?  You can also reorganize all your belongings while having your home renovated since it's a good excuse to clean up the space for the remodeling project anyway.  Plus, after all your kids go to college or move out, you'll have even more room to convert into a entertainment area or studio space!

3. The paint looks dreary and starts to peel

There are lots of reasons causing the interior or exterior paint of your house to chip.  Whether it's caused by time, cracks, or a low quality paint job, it's the fastest way to make your home look worn and depressing.  It's also a common sign that your house hasn't been updated for years and it may be time for a home remodel.

Having your home repainted to regain a refreshing look is a great way to make your house look alive again.  For the kitchen, repainting the cabinets can take years off the look of your kitchen as well and is a more cost efficient way than buying new cabinetry which can add up in cost quickly.  Painting is probably the most significant and budget friendly method of quickly revitalizing your home.

4. The roof of your house is leaking

For some homeowners, the idea of home remodel doesn't come across their mind until a serious problem shows itself.  This usually happens when a simple home remodel project goes underway and suddenly becomes much more costly and time-consuming.  For instance, if you noticed any leaking problem of your roof, the roofing system of your home probably has gotten too old and rotten.  

As soon as you find out that your roof is not doing its job, you should absolutely do something about it quickly.  A leaking roof may not bother you that much for now, but it can build up subtly and lead to a big problem in the future, such as damaged ceilings and framing, mold and mildew growth, corrosion, and uneven insulation.  This may cost you more money and time to repair as time goes on.

How to know if the roof is leaking

If you see water stains, drips, moisture or moisture stains on the walls or the ceilings, you may have a leak in your roof.  Even if you don't see them very often, or they seem to go away themselves, you should still investigate further or hire professionals to inspect.

5. You desire a change, but you don't want to move

Many homeowners have to decide to move or to stay and renovate, and choose the latter because of location, schools, jobs, and sentimental value.  By home remodeling, your family can stay in the current house and neighborhood they have already grown attached to and don't have to adjust themselves to another place all over again.  Furthermore, house hunting and moving can be extremely exhausting and expensive, sometimes even more unbearable than just remodeling their current home.

It's time to make a change 

If you're bored of your home or need an upgrade, but you don't know where to start, the best way is to consult with a professional.  A proper home remodel project might include kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, general home improvements, and interior home design. It takes years of experiences and good project management skills to achieve a successful home remodel.

At Sanctum, our professional Design Build team has helped countless homeowners in Atlanta area to improve their residential homes, and we are very happy to help you too.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to make a change.  Call us at (770) 777 0100 today, and let's make your vision come true together.