Design-Bid-Build vs Design-Build -- Which is better? Which is right for you?

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a project delivery system used in for home remodeling and building projects of many kinds in Atlanta Georgia.  This method is in which the firm performs both the design and construction services.  As opposed to a design-bid-build, the design-build method makes one firm responsible so at to minimize both risk and headaches for the homeowner. This process also reduces the delivery time by reducing the overlap of the design and construction of the project.  In short, design-build is where one firm performs the design services and oversees the construction of the project.

Cons of Design-Build?

As this process has grown in popularity, it has also created a debate over the value of the design-build as a method of project delivery.  Critics of design- build claim that this process limits the clients involvement and that contractors attempt to perform work out of their expertise.  Opponents also suggest that a designer is the best advocate for the client and representing the clients’ interest.

One potential pitfall is that some firms hold themselves out as a design-build contractor and lack the experience and expertise to complete a true design process.  More often than not they provide a “designer”  that is nothing more than a disguised sales person.  Most times their income is dependent on convincing you to “buy” something rather than giving you good information and direction at a critical time it the process.  If anything special is going to happen, it’s determined during the design process.  If any money is to be saved, it occurs during the design process.  The true value, a sum of what you are getting and what you are paying for, is determined during the design process.

Advantages of Design-Build?

Proponents believe that design-build delivery saves both time and money, along with innovation.  This process also avoids placing the owner between the architect/engineer and the contractor.  Under a design-build contract, the responsibility of any design errors and omissions are the responsibility of the contractor, eliminating the owner of any major legal or managerial responsibilities.  Under a design-bid-build method, the owner accepts the significant risk.

In addition, the design-build process also reaching the stakeholders desired budget for a project.  Properly done, it establishes the budget upfront and requires the design team to reach both the design and financial objectives for the project.  In addition to the one-source accountability, the Design-Build process has proved to be the most cost-effective delivery system.

In short, the major advantage of using a design build-company, is one source accountability.  By having all the services provided under one roof, the process ensures a seamless design and construction process, and finger-pointing that is usually accompanies a process where architectural design is done separate from the general contracting.  Design-build makes it both the design team and construction team's responsibility to get the job done reducing headaches to the homeowner.

What is right for you?

When it comes to custom home design, remodeling or renovating, exterior design or landscape architecture, one should move thoughtfully through the design process.  Evaluating all the project limitations, financial constraints along with design opportunities’ and alternatives that exist.   A well thought through and crafted design will yield high-valued project.   Consider it the road map to success and eliminates the potential of many project pitfalls and waste that can occur during a complex construction project.  It also ensures that the project moves towards reaching the desired results.   While the design-builder it is often the general contractor, more often than not the project is led by the design professional.  We believe this will yield the highest quality and value and a project that has been built with a design conscious.

When considering and evaluating a custom home design, remodeling, or Landscape Company, ensure that the company employees the proper design talent and experience to reach your desired objectives and goals.  This is paramount to success of a project.   An important question would be to ask “How many times have you done this before?”  Not just projects but specific to your type project and scope of work.

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