How to reduce stress while remodeling your home

For most people, home remodeling, while exciting, can be stressful and fraught.  You want to build your dream home in the Atlanta area, but you do not want the headaches that go along with it.  How do you get the change you wantwithout the stress that comes along with it?  Here are 7 ways to achieve a hassle-free home remodel.

1. Hire an experienced professional

If you hire a trustworthy, local, home renovation company, you are almost always guaranteed to reduce your stress levels.  Professional designers and builders have the experience and resources to renovate your home in a much more efficient manner.  Not only can they save you time, but they can also help you avoid common pitfalls and save you money.  While they handle the construction of your home, you can focus on all other aspects of your life.  Make sure to consider the benefits of hiring a design-build firm over a design-bid-build team.  (Check out our blog on Design-Bid-Build versus Design-Build for further information.)

2. Have a realistic budget

Money almost always causes stress in life, so before you start your home remodel think of a practical budget that includes all your wants and needs.  One of the worst thing that could happen would be for you to start the home renovation process and realize that you do not have enough money.  There are several design alternatives that keep you in budget.  Keep in mind not only will you be paying for materials, but you will also be paying for labor as well.

3. Know what you want

When building a home it is easy to be overwhelmed with the amount of decisions that need to be made.  Although the renovation process can be very adaptable moment by moment, by being decisive you make it easier on yourself and the designer in the long run.  Try keeping a scrapbook from local Atlanta area home remodeling magazines or a Pinterest account to get a good idea of the style you want in your home construction.  A picture tells a thousand words.

4. Quality over quantity

Based on your budget, be prepared to sacrifice some lower priority items on your wish list for higher quality on higher priority items.  It is not just about filling your space with “cool” add-ons, it is about creating a sustainable living environment.  Of course it would be nice to have all the bells and whistles, but if your budget does not permit, it is more important that your new home lasts for years to come.  If your home starts falling apart in 5 years that will cause greater stress.

5. Plan for the future

Know that life is always changing and you need to be prepared for that.  Be prepared for your lifestyle now to change.  If you are a newlywed couple it may not be practical to create a home that is not child friendly.  If you are a large family consider how long it will be until all your children move out of the house.  Build a home that can form to all of your needs.  Also, you should consider building an environmentally friendly home.  It may cost a little more money to install, but you will be setting yourself up for much lower bills in the future.

6. Lowest cost/Lowest bid - Don't always pick.

When pricing your project be wary of gimmicks.  Sometimes people will give you the lowest bid in order to bring you in and then they will add on extra fees later.  Also know that selecting the highest bid does not always guarantee the best quality.  Educate yourself to the fair market cost to ensure you do not overpay or under pay which can lead to underperformance issues.

7. Don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff.

Construction is not perfect and with it comes challenges.  Things will not always go your way as you build your dream home and you need to be prepared for that before you start.  You must understand that there are lots of puts and takes while constructing your space.  For example, if you are doing a kitchen renovation and installing the appliances takes longer than expected, then more likely than not another aspect of the job will happen quicker.  When feeling stressed, take a breather and know that everything will work out in the end.  As long as you have the right team on your side, all will be okay.

Let's talk about your project

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