The value of good design

Good home design is the secret sauce to keeping the focus on the client's best interest because it's about space - functional, sustainable, lifestyle-driven space.  "Recognizing the need is the primary condition for design." says Charles Eames, who is one of the most influential American designers in 20th century.  Combined good home design and a focus on the client's needs and interest delivers the best value.  Whether you're a home owner or a residential property investor, a good home design is increasingly important.

A well-designed home

A good home design provides excellent functionality that lasts the test of time, it is also cost-effective to use and maintain.  It's paramount toward achieving a successful outcome and realized value.  Sanctum believes a well-crafted design is the primary foundation to attaining the highest value. 

The process is a collaborative effort aimed at harmonizing client goals and desires with existing project features and elements so as to be mindful of financial limitations/constraints.  Skillful and professional planning prevents significant opportunity for miscommunication, safeguards against the majority of construction related issues or challenges that arise, thwarts cost overruns, decreases maintenance cost, and generally yields high value.

Value is the correlation between what you get and what you invest.  Both what you are getting and what you are paying is determined during the design phase.  The construction phase is simply the execution and implementation of the design.

Design-build is the way to go

We believe the "design-build" approach to be the ideal method for most projects.  Design-build is where one firm produces the plan and manages the construction of the project.  This process not only streamlines the process and gives a property owner one source accountability, but in most cases, costs less than all other methods.  However, most "design-build" companies unfortunately do not produce "true custom design."

In many cases it's a sales person where the design process becomes a hurdle, a financial burden, a cost of doing business, a necessary evil to get the job, all at a critical time early in the project.  Their objective is to "sell" you something; they may not even be getting paid unless they do sell you something.

In reality, neither would Sanctum.  The difference is that we are honest and believe in complete transparency.  We isolate the design costs from the home construction expenses for complete clarity and ensure our efforts are genuinely aligned without conflict of interest.  Sanctum has the resources required to execute and construct your project with a high level of quality, value and personal attention to details.

You can count on us, from design to implementation

We believe what you need is a skillful designer and experienced team of professionals and tradesmen to identify the property potential - both its opportunities and limitations.  Additionally client's need good costing information to make informed and appropriate decisions at the onset of a project.  Our approach and philosophy is not unique, but our attention to detail and home design solutions are.  Quality, problem solving, transparency, and dedicated service are our hallmarks.  Being experienced landscape architects as well, we have the ability to view the entire property from the inside out, and outside in, ensuring a comprehensive and integrated solution.

We are architects, we are contractors, and we build with a superior design consciousness.  If you need assistance for your next projects, feel free to reach us at (770) 777 0100.