3 reasons why you need a kitchen remodel

When it comes to home improvement, there are some home remodeling projects that just make a bigger impact than others.  A successful kitchen renovation will be one of the best investments you can make in your home.  In this article, we will list out the top 3 reasons why you should consider renovating your kitchen.

1. Energy savings

Kitchen remodels are one of the best home remodel projects when it comes to making your home more energy efficient.  By updating your old appliances, you can actually save quite a bit of money in your monthly utility bills.  In fact, government-certified ENERGY STAR appliances which have met strict standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can instantly cut your energy bills by at least 30% per year as they use less power and water.  These energy-efficient appliances are not only more modern looking, but also more advanced and more secure.

Besides updating old appliances, you can also replace those incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs in your kitchen with LED and CFL lighting which are cooler than incandescent light bulbs and shine just as brightly for a fraction of the cost.  There are a number of other ways you can save money from your monthly utility bills, such as using low-flow faucets, green materials flooring, or double-paned windows.  

Plus, energy-saving rebates are offered by the federal/state government or various vendors.  Other financial incentives also include rebates at home improvement centers, upgrade grants, rebates for trading in old appliances, and low or no interest loans.  Therefore, by making your kitchen more energy-efficient, you can save money and that new kitchen remodel may even pay for itself.

2. Functionality to accommodate your lifestyle

Your needs for a kitchen change as you age.  As your family expands and your lifestyle changes, your house might need to be updated as well.  Whether you need an entire kitchen renovation or just simply more storage, a great kitchen which fits your lifestyle and your needs definitely allows you to have better workflow and more fun with cooking, be a better host to your guests for social events, or spend more time together as a family. 

If you find yourself hating cooking or preparing food in your kitchen due to its lack of functionality, it might be a sign that your need a kitchen remodel.  If you want a fully functional kitchen that takes your lifestyle and taste into account, a custom kitchen is a great option, as it can maximize the efficiency of your kitchen for your needs.  

3. A good kitchen sells

As a major home improvement project, kitchen remodeling can boost a home's value significantly, and it's why it ranks so well in terms of delivering a good ROI (Return on Investment).  When the day comes that you decide to sell your house, a renovated kitchen will draw most of the home buyers' attention and be a huge selling point.  Practically, any real estate agent will tell you that most homes sell based on the kitchens and bathrooms, or at the very least it helps the homes sell quicker.  In contrast, a poorly maintained and outdated kitchen makes you feel like you're traveling back in time.  This is probably not appealing to anyone, let alone helping sell your house.

If you plan to resale your home in 5 years or so, you should definitely consider a kitchen remodel to increase your home's resale value and overall marketability.

Remodel your kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most frequently-used and the most-trafficked space in your house.  You don't want it to be a dated and worn out mess.  If you find your kitchen can't fulfill your family's current needs anesthetically and functionally, you should consider taking on a kitchen remodel.

Our experts at Sanctum have years of experience dedicated to building and designing residential homes in the Atlanta area.  We can help you to achieve a successful and tasteful custom kitchen remodel.  Get in touch with us at (770) 777 0100 and let's talk about your kitchen remodel project.