Tips of hiring your next contractor

A home remodeling is a consuming and daunting task, and finding a good contractor can be difficult and frustrating.  You might have heard stories about home remodeling turned into a big disaster, an expensive nightmare, or a scam, caused by amateur or unlicensed home remodeling contractors.  To avoid dealing with these problems, you should be very careful when choosing a contractor for your next home remodeling project.  In this article we'll discuss some useful tips to narrow down your list of potential contractors.

Safety and legitimacy come first

Always make sure the contractor is legitimate and has the appropriate certifications.  You can either go to their website or make a phone call to see if they hold all of the required local and state licenses as a contractor.  You should also check if his or her license is still valid.  In order to get the best quality of work, this move seems simple yet is extremely important.  Don't be afraid to ask your candidate contractors anything you should know about them.  It's a very easy and basic way to judge the contractor's skill set and credibility.  

You should also make sure your contractor obtains all the permits needed for your home remodeling project, which will protect you against legal issues and unsafe work.  In fact, it's illegal to work without a permit, so if you find out your home remodeling contractor doesn't have one, it's a big red flag and you should stop working with him or her immediately.

Having business insurance is another very important thing to check, in case there's an issue while the project is being performed.  Don't forget to learn about what this insurance will cover, and make sure that the coverage is up-to-date and covers all you may need.  Also, ask your home remodeling contractor for a copy of their insurance policy.  Some people prefer to deal with issues as they arise, but when the unforeseen occurs, hindsight is 20/20.

Investigate thoroughly before you hand over thousands of dollars

There are many contractors out there who claim to be more than they are.  To evaluate the contractor's credibility, you can ask to talk to their previous or current clients about their experience working with this home remodeling contractor.  You should ask about not only what's good about their service but also what they were unhappy with, if anything.  If their previous clients were satisfied, there is higher chance you will be satisfied as well.

Checking out reviews and portfolio photos is a must

If you see a restaurant with only one star reviews and terrible looking shots of food, you would not bring your friends to dinner at that restaurant.  Finding a good home remodeling contractor is very similar.  Get on their website or social media pages to check out reviews from their clients and photos of their work in the past.  It's one of the easiest ways to find out how good (or bad) a contractor is.  However, if you hear something bad about a contractor, always get both sides of the story.  The negativity bias can be strong online and sometimes sticking to only consumer stories may make you miss out on a good contractor to hire.

Compare around

If you don't want to get ripped off or end up with a lousy home remodeling work, having a list of home remodeling contractors (about 3 contractors is enough) to compare first is definitely a smart move.  You can evaluate their credibility and portfolios before making a phone call with them or perhaps arrange a face-to-face meeting.  Before you discuss with each contractor, have your questions about your home remodeling project ready and don't forget to ask for a quote on your project from them.

Nothing for nothing and very little for a half penny

Keep in mind that most of the time you get what you pay for.  The home remodeling contractor who offers the lowest price is not necessarily your best choice.  A reputable and experienced contractor might be more expensive to hire, yet hiring an unprofessional contractor for your home remodeling can cost you even more down the line.  The exact number on the quote should not be the most decisive factor since it's about the house you and your family are going to spend a lot of time in.  What you should also compare is time, material, labor, custom service, etc.  Make sure the person you're going to hire is trustworthy and comfortable to work with.  A reliable contractor is honest about costs and takes you and your family's needs and safety as the highest level of importance.

Finding a good contractor is tricky

Selecting a contractor might be the most important part in your home remodeling project, and it's not easy.  Keep these tips in mind and take your time to decide before committing; it's a big decision and it should not be rushed.  A bad home remodeling can lead to worse livability of your home, a financial burden, and lots of headache.  Be very mindful when initially hiring a contractor so afterwards you can sit back and relax.

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