Top 5 common kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid

Every homeowner would love to have a stylish, well-designed, fully equipped and modern kitchen.  However many have kitchens that are nothing like what they'd hoped for.  A successful kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation may be exactly what you need to achieve this.

Renovating or remodeling a kitchen is a daunting task with a lot of variables to consider.  There are tons of decisions to make, and sometimes you make mistakes because your kitchen remodeling project gets too overwhelming to handle.  It's more realistic to assume that you probably won't be able to navigate the entire kitchen remodel project without hitting a few speed bumps or having to change your plan during the process.  

A single mistake could add thousands of dollars to the cost or create extra work and time for your remodel.  Before starting your kitchen remodeling project, read this article to learn how to avoid the most common kitchen design and remodel mistakes and how to keep an eye out for problems.

Mistake #1: Ignore the functionality for the appearance

I understand you want a beautiful kitchen with lots of character, light fixtures and decorations, but from a functional standpoint does it make sense?  Trust me, you want your kitchen to be as functional as it is beautiful to get the most value out of your kitchen remodel.  A kitchen can look stunning, but be entirely superficial and fall short of a dream kitchen.

When planning your kitchen remodel, remember the busiest areas in the kitchen: the sink, stove, and refrigerator.  Don't forget "the kitchen triangle", as the relation of these three spots to one another typically resembles a triangle.  Make sure these frequently-used areas and appliances are in efficient locations that are relevant to one another, in order to create a better workflow.  This is especially true if you tend to cook at home often.

Successful kitchen remodels should strive to find the balance between appearance and functionality.  Shiny countertops won't mean much if they are not durable enough to stand heat, water, oil, or scratches.  You also don't want beautiful looking kitchen cabinets that in the end are installed too high to reach or too delicate to hold up.  To prevent smelling your dinner from last night, a range hood that only looks cool is far from enough.  Focus on the functionality of your kitchen and then looks will make the money you invested on the kitchen remodel go a longer way.

Mistake #2: Be more hip and edgy than timeless

A trendy style kitchen might be cool to have, however there are certain kitchen design trends that you might want to avoid in order to keep up your home's resale value.  For example, you probably want to stay away from colorful appliances, as these kind of design trends tend to have a short life, and overly opinionated colors might not resonate with all home buyers.

If you plan to sell your house in the future, a neutral style kitchen design is a better direction.  Choose a neutral color theme for your kitchen instead of bold and dazzling colors if one of your remodel purposes is to increase resale value in your home.  Staying with a neutral kitchen design is a safer move.  You can always add more style and color with other furnishings that aren't as fixed or expensive to replace.

Mistake #3: Not sticking with your remodeling budget

When you plan a remodel project, you're planning an amount you're ready to spend, not just for the fun of coming up with a random number.  Come up with a realistic number first then allocate the remodel project costs according to the features in your new kitchen that are the most important.  Once you have a budget, stick with it.  Adding a lot of features mid-project that were not in the original plan can be very costly.  While some scope changes are inevitable, limiting these changes and your wallet will thank you.

Be prepared for hidden costs

When creating a budget for any home remodel, always pad your budget for unexpected situations and costs.  If your home is more than 25 years old, don't be surprised to find out there are more problems behind the walls than you think.  For instance, wood rot, water damage or even structural damage from earlier kitchen renovations are common to find in an older kitchen.  Unfortunately, these issues can't always be anticipated before you get started.  It is safer to set aside about 20% of the budget for these hidden yet inevitable costs, so that you won't have to sacrifice other features you wanted in the initial kitchen remodeling plan.  You also won't find yourself 20% over budget at the end.

Mistake #4: Not opting for durable options

Some homeowners ironically make this mistake in order to save money; choosing cheaper materials instead of more expensive but durable options.  For kitchen, you should almost always opt for more durable material since it's an environment that is frequently under heat, water, oil and sharp objects.  Being shortsighted and using unreliable materials for your kitchen might turn out to be a bad deal, even If you don't plan to put your house on the market some day.

However, not every affordable kitchen material is bad quality.  Evaluate your budget and consult with a home remodel professional.  It's possible to have a long-lasting and beautiful kitchen within your budget.

Mistake #5: Not consulting with a home remodel professional

For some homeowners, DIY might seem like a good solution to go with; however a successful kitchen remodel actually needs a lot of expertise.  A kitchen remodel often involves a lot of complicated and professional work, such as plumbing, electrical wiring, moving gas lines, etc.  Applying for permits is also needed for kitchen remodeling projects, not to mention managing tons of tasks and communications with contractors.  Without experience, you could end up with a poorly-done and costly kitchen remodel that will not benefit you in the long run.  And best case scenario is coming up with a semi-professional looking kitchen, but losing your kitchen space for up to a year.  There's a lot more work that goes into kitchen than meets the eye.

If you can, hiring a professional can save you a lot of time and effort, while you sit back and enjoy the results.  Plus you get the added bonus of a higher value home that can be resold for a profit.

Work with the right expert

Kitchen remodels are one of the best ways to increase your home's value.  Working with a reputable and local experienced home remodel company can bring your kitchen to life.

In the Atlanta area, Sanctum Design Build has been helping countless homeowners to craft their dream homes.  Our professional team will help you to make the most of your home improvement projects in the kitchen and ensure that you get the most value from every dollar you spend.  Contact us at (770) 777 0100 today, and we can build you a dream kitchen without any costly kitchen remodel mistakes.