Why you should finish your basement

A lot of American families have an unfinished basement and never put it to good use.  A lot of homeowners start to consider finishing their basement from the moment they move in to the house until years later without taking action.  In this article, we will tell you why you should finish that basement project you've been contemplating and why this is a good investment.

More livable space

At one point or another, almost every homeowner finds that they need more space in their house, especially when they decide to stay in their existing home as their family expands.  Where do you find more space in your house?  You can push outward and build an addition which is going to come at a higher cost, or you can look inward if you own a house with a basement.  Your basement is much more than a repository for junk, old gym equipment you bought and never used, stuff you're not sure if you will ever use again, or old furniture.  Why not clear up the clutter and build extra bedrooms, a cozy den, a kid's playroom, or even a luxurious home cinema?  After all, you don't want your out-of-town guests or parents-in-law staying over in a drab, cold, stinky spare basement bedroom when they visit you.

More efficient storage space

If you need more storage space to organize the clutter in your home, starting with your basement is a good solution.  However, if your unfinished messy basement has a dust or mold problem, it's probably very difficult to organize and store everything in a good shape, moreover to see or find what you need in one glance.

Good basement storage can help you store belongings safely and effectively.  You can use clear storage which allows you to see your valuables right away, for example, shelves, pegboards on wall, and the space under stairs. You will find it way better and way more efficient than just throwing everything in boxes or baskets.

A finished basement raises home value

Whether you add an extra bedroom, a home office, a man cave, or a workout room, it's arguably one of the best ways to improve your home value, simply because it transforms an unfinished basement into a functional space.  According to the 2017 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report released in February, a basement remodel is one of the top 10 home improvement projects that give you the best ROI (Return on Investment).  The additional space may also be very appealing to some home buyers and help with a quicker sale.  In short, finishing your basement adds a lot of value to your home, both in the extra space that your family can use, as well as the resale value.

Inexpensive extra space

In terms of adding more space at your house, finishing your basement is an inexpensive option compared with other alternatives.  Plus, a basement remodel doesn't use any outdoor space, it only requires the space you already have for a fraction of what it would cost for an addition.  Even if the value added to your house from finishing the basement is not as much as you were hoping for when you plan to resale your house, you still save a lot of money by adding living space under the house instead of appending additions above-ground.

Solve moisture problems

Lots of homeowners have experienced mold problem at one time or another, and often times it comes from moisture from an unfinished basement.  If there is a musty smell in your basement, there is probably mold growing down there.  It is not only unpleasant, but also can lead to serious health issues.  For people who are sensitive to mold, inhaling or touching mold spores can cause allergic reactions, and for people with serious mold allergies may have more severe reactions, including asthma attacks.

Aside from the serious health issues that mold poses, over time it can also cause deterioration to the integrity of your home.  Finding and fixing this issue sooner rather than later will prevent further damage to your home.

Solving a mold problem is another perk of finishing your basement.  With the right materials, moisture and mold problems can be eliminated for good.  Even if you are not interested in remodeling the entire basement, your should still make sure that there are no cracks or leaks in your basement.

Save energy

Most unfinished basements are not insulated well.  And when the air conditioning or heater is running, the air leaks out easily which causes temperature fluctuations throughout your home.  Having a finished basement will help make a more comfortable home environment and lower your monthly energy costs.  If the level of insulation is causing you to lose a lot of AC or heat during the summer and winter months, this home remodel venture may start to recoup its own costs very quickly.

Finish your basement with Sanctum

I believe most families could stand to use the space that a finished basement provides.  Adding more functional space by finishing your basement is a wonderful and cost effective way to enhance your home.  A finished basement can create great opportunities for more enjoyable home living in your current home without the frustration and costs of moving.

At Sanctum, we provide exceptional service and premium quality craftsmanship on any of remodel project you have in mind.  Give us a call at (770) 777 0100 today, and let's discuss how to make your basement an awesome space.